microSD card(s) preloaded with your operating system of choice for Raspberry Pi devices - packaged and delivered right to your doorstep.

Why, you might ask?

Not everyone has the knowledge, access or ability to flash a custom operating system to an microSD card. Thus micro-os.org was born. This originally started out as a simple personal project but quickly turned into a proper service for those unable to do it themselves.

About micro-os.org

Thanks for checking out this website. My name is Bradley Taunt. I'm a designer and hardware Raspberry Pi tinkerer based near Ottawa, Canada. I created this shop to help those that are unable to or lack knowledge about flashing their preferred operating system to a microSD card.

What you get:

Buy Now

Ordering is processed manually.

Simply write an email to contact at micro-os.org with the following criteria:

You will then be sent an invoice along with a PayPal link to complete the purchase. Once the transaction is complete, the microSD card will be mailed out.

Operating Systems

Important: before deciding on an OS, make sure that it is compatible with your specific Raspberry Pi device!

  1. Raspberry Pi OS (Desktop)
  2. Raspberry Pi OS (Lite)
  3. DietPi
  4. Ubuntu Desktop
  5. Ubuntu Server
  6. Ubuntu MATE
  7. Manjaro ARM
  8. Linux Mint
  9. Kali Linux
  10. Alpine Linux
  11. RetroPie*
  12. LibreELEC
  13. OSMC
  14. RISC OS

Don't see your preferred OS listed here? No problem! Just mention your desired OS in the email when you reach out and I'm sure I can get it up and running for you.

*RetroPie does not ship with any game ROMs. This is only the operating system.


Why was this service created?

As stated above, it started out as a small pet project but slowly grew into something much larger. I'm passionate about playing around with Raspberry Pi devices in general and realized some users out in the world don't have access to the available tools for flashing distros. Others may just like the general idea of an "operating system delivery service".

Do you offer microSD cards with more than 32GB of storage?

At this current time - no. I plan to eventually have more size options for purchase, but my current inventory consists of only high-quality 32GB cards.

Do you plan to support other hardware/SoCs besides the Raspberry Pi?

Eventually I hope that can become an option. As it currently stands, I only have Raspberry Pi devices that I can test on. Until I procure other devices, I cannot in good conscience send out microSD cards without testing them on the proper machine they are intended for.

Do you "test boot" the microSD cards?

Depending on the OS selected, every order is tested on either a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB model) or a Raspberry Pi Zero WH for quality assurance. A slip will be included with your order confirming the date and time this test was completed.

Do you offer refunds/returns?

Unfortunately, no I do not. Since this is a one-man operation, I try to keep the costs as low as possible to help those unable to create these flashed microSD cards themselves. If you do happen to run into some issues upon receiving your order, please reach out for support (contact at micro-os dot org).

Can I ask you some specific questions?

Absolutely! Feel free to shoot me an email (contact at micro-os dot org) and ask anything on your mind. I'm always willing to help if you're having issues with your own microSD flashing process as well!